Personal Injury:

Ride Share – Uber/Lyft Accidents

Whether you are a ride share passenger, an innocent ride share driver, or the victim of a negligent ride share driver, obtaining compensation from a ride share provider is not easy.

For passengers and others injured either while taking a ride share or who were drivers hit by a ride share driver, it can be difficult to figure out insurance coverage. Having a team of experts experienced in dealing with claims against Uber and Lyft is essential in navigating these complex insurance claims.

As ride share drivers know, the ride share companies are happy to take their share of fees from riders, but when it comes to paying claims, their first instinct is to find a way out of responsibility. Coverage amounts vary widely between claims based on whether the driver was not on the app, on the app waiting for a ride request, on the way to pick up the rider, or actually driving the rider to their destination. Being able to accurately describe the incident is key and knowing how to negotiate with the big companies is a must. Our office can provide that expertise.

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