Personal Injury:

Trucking/Semi Accidents

Accidents caused by trucks and large commercial vehicles can be devastating. Their sheer size and mass means that serious injuries are more likely. Commercial drivers and owners have a heightened responsibility to be safe on the roadways. If you’ve been hurt by a commercial driver’s negligence you deserve a law firm that will fight for your just compensation.

These type of accidents often cause serious injury and even death. The truck driver and trucking company may be liable for the damages and losses caused to accident survivors or their next of kin.

Las Vegas is at the crossroads a major shipping corridor from Southern California. Not only do thousands of trucks travel through Clark County every day serving the local community, but thousands more travel through heading to and from other states. These huge vehicles can seem overwhelming for the ordinary drivers, passengers, and pedestrians on our streets. When something goes wrong, it is the smaller victims that pay the price.

Whether a collision was caused by a big rig, a garbage truck, a dump truck, a tow truck, or a bus, if you have been seriously injured in a truck or commercial trucking accident, we will work diligently to help you recover the compensation you seek. 

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