What to Do After an Accident

No matter how good your driving may be, the mistakes of other drivers can cause you to be in an accident any time you are on the road. It’s worth being prepared in case you become a victim of another driver’s negligence. 


If you are involved in an accident and suffer an injury, you should:

  • Take care of your immediate safety and be aware of traffic hazards.
  • Contact the authorities immediately and request a traffic officer respond to your accident. 
  • If you or someone at the scene is in medical distress, request an emergency medical response.
  • Exchange insurance information and driver’s license information with all drivers involved.
  • Use your phone to take photos of the vehicles and the general scene. If there are witnesses, ask for their name and contact information.
  • Seek treatment at an emergency room or with your primary physician right away.
  • Fully describe all of your symptoms to your medical providers.
  • Avoid talking to the insurance adjuster about your injuries other than the fact you were hurt.
  • Seek legal advice from a qualified personal injury attorney.
  • Follow through with your medical treatment, which decreases the risk of future complications and increases the value of your claim.

Auto insurance companies will take advantage of your confusion and inexperience.

They handle claims every day and don’t care about your needs. Having an experienced personal injury attorney on your side takes away the insurance companies’ advantages.